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HouseholdJoy FAQ

1 - Do I need "HouseholdJoy Insurance" if I already have a home building insurance policy?

Yes, as they serve different protection purposes. Our "HouseholdJoy Insurance" provides "All Risks" protection for your home contents including interior decoration, furniture, electrical appliances and personal belongings, etc. whereas a home building insurance covers the building structure such as walls, windows, ceiling, floor and the original landlord's fixtures and fittings.

2 - Most of my home contents are fairly old, will they still be covered?

Yes, "HouseholdJoy Insurance" provides cover for accidental loss of or damage to your home contents on a "New for Old" basis, meaning that they will be replaced by a new article of the same kind with similar but not better quality without any deduction for depreciation.

3 - Do I need to set the sum insured for the home content of my policy?

No, you don't need to. We have fixed the sum insured and calculate the premium according to the saleable area of your Home.

4 - If I am the tenant, how can "HouseholdJoy Insurance" protect me?

"HouseholdJoy Insurance" protects not only your household contents and personal effects, but also your legal liability as tenant against loss of or damage to landlord’s property and your personal liability against third part claims for bodliy injury or property damage resulting from your own and/or your family member's negligence.

5 - If my Home is left unoccupied for a period of time, will that affect the coverage of my policy?

If your Home is left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, we will not indemnify you against any loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft and any loss or damage caused by escape of water from a fixed water, drainage or heating installation, or any washing machine or water bed.

6 - If my domestic helper accidentally causes damage to third party property or injures a third party, will my liability be covered under my "HouseholdJoy Insurance" policy?

If your domestic helper accidentally causes third party property damage or third party bodily injury while s/he is working for you and you are legally liable for his/her acts, our policy will cover your legal liability. If the domestic helper causes the damage or the injury while s/he is acting for himself/herself only, such damage or injury will not be covered by our policy.

7 - If I am moving to a new Home, will my "HouseholdJoy Insurance" policy cover loss of or damage to my home contents during this household removal?

We will cover loss of or damage to your home contents while being in transit between the insured Home and any new Home of the Insured in Hong Kong by a professional remover, subject to a limit of HK$10,000 per article or pair or set.

8 - If a water pipe in my home bursts, what will be covered under my "HouseholdJoy Insurance" policy?

If a water pipe in your Home accidentally bursts, we will cover the damage caused to your home contents. If the water from the burst pipe damages the property of your neighbour, we will cover your legal liability for such damage.

The above information is provided for reference only and does not constitute any part of the insurance contract. For full details of coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings.