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Terms of Use

When you access to and / or use this Website, you acknowledge your assent to all of the following terms and conditions. Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“the Company”) reserves the right to revise this disclaimer at any time without prior notice. If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. 


The information provided by the Company on this Website is for reference only. Whilst the Company endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Website, no express or implied warranty is given by the Company as to the accuracy of the information. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any error or omission. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of or inability to use this Website, or any material contained in it, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this Website or any such material. The Company reserves the right to amend any information of this Website without prior notice. 


Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited is an insurance company authorized to carry on general business in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Hong Kong") under the Insurance Companies Ordinance. 

This Website is not intended for persons located or resident in jurisdictions which restrict the distribution of information by us. This Website shall not be considered as communicating any invitation to engage in insurance activity or any offer to buy or sell any insurance product and / or service outside any jurisdiction where the Company is licensed or authorized to perform such insurance activities.

This disclaimer is governed by the laws of Hong Kong. You understand and agree that any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Company owns the trademarks, logos and all materials displayed on this Website. Reproduction, adaptation, distribution, dissemination or use in any other way without the prior written consent of the Company is prohibited. 


Privacy Policy Statement 

Statement of Policy

Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“We / us”) are committed to protecting the personal data of our customers. We are bound by the Data Protection Principles set out in the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“the PDPO”). 

We will only collect, use or disclose personal data in accordance with the PDPO, Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) and this Privacy Policy Statement (“PPS”).

When we collect personal data from individuals, we will provide them with a PICS on or before the collection. 

We may amend this PPS at any time and for any reason. The updated version will be available on our website: should check the PPS regularly for changes. 

In this PPS, “personal data” means any data:

  • relating directly or indirectly to a living individual;
  • from which it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be directly or indirectly ascertained; and
  • in a form in which access to or processing of the data is practicable. 

Statement of Practice

  1. When We Would Collect Personal Data

We collect personal data in a number of ways. The most common circumstances in which we collect personal data are listed below:

a) when you enquire about products and / or services we offer
b) when you apply for an insurance product
c) when you submit claims 

  1. Kinds of Personal Data Collected and Held

The types of personal data we collect from you will depend on the circumstances in which that information is collected. We may collect details:

a) when you enquire about product we offer, we will collect and hold your name and contact details so we can respond to your query.

b)  when you apply for an insurance product, we will collect and hold your name, HKID number, date of birth, contact details and other personal data relevant to the insurance product you are applying for.
c)  when you submit claims, we will collect and hold your name, HKID number, date of birth, contact details and other personal data relevant to the claims you are making. 
  1. Main Purposes of Collecting and Holding Personal Data
  • The purposes for which your personal data will be collected, used and held will depend on the circumstances in which that personal data is collected.
  • We will inform you of the purposes for which we intend to collect, use and hold your personal data in the PICS on or before collection of your personal data.
  • Generally, we may use your personal data for the following purposes: (A) processing and evaluating your application or request for and any alterations, variations, cancellation, renewals and reinstatements of any insurance products and / or services offered by us; (B) administering your insurance policy and providing services in relation to your insurance policy; (C) any purposes in connection with any claims made by or against or otherwise involving you in respect of any products and / or services provided by us, including processing and / or investigating any claims; (D) invoicing and collecting premiums and / or outstanding amounts from you; (E) exercising any right of subrogation, if applicable; (F) conducting statistical analysis; (G) contacting you for any of the above purposes; (H) other purposes directly related to any of the above purposes; and (I) meeting the requirements to make disclosure (i) under any law binding on us; or (ii) under any applicable rules, regulations, codes or guidelines or to assist in law enforcement purposes, investigation by police or other government or regulatory authorities; or (iii) for complying with any requirements, policies or measures for using data and information within Sompo Holdings Group (“the Group”) in accordance with any Group-wide programmes from time to time for compliance with sanctions or prevention or detection of money laundering, terrorist financing or other unlawful activities / misconducts. 
  1. Protection Measures
  • We take all practicable steps to protect the personal data we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, processing or erasure.
  • We provide training to our employees to ensure that our employees handle personal data properly. 
  1. Retention
  • We maintain and execute retention policies of records containing personal data to ensure personal data is not kept longer than is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which the data is or is to be used. Different retention periods apply to the various kinds of personal data collected and held by us in accordance with policies in our internal guidelines and manuals. 
  1. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data
  • The third parties to whom your personal data will be disclosed and transferred will depend on the purposes for which that personal data is collected and / or used.
  • We will inform you of the third parties to whom your personal data will be disclosed and transferred in the PICS on or before collection of your personal data.
  • We may disclose and transfer your personal data to the following transferees in Hong Kong or overseas for the above-mentioned purposes: (a) third party agents, contractors and advisors who provide administrative, communications, computer, payment, security or other services which assist us to carry out the above purposes (including medical service providers, hospitals, emergency assistance service providers, hospitals, mailing houses, IT service providers and data processors); (b) in the event of claims, loss adjusters, claims investigators and medical advisors; (c) in the event of default, debt collectors and recovery agents; (d) insurance reference bureaus or credit reference bureaus; (e) reinsurers and reinsurance brokers; (f) your insurance agents, intermediaries or brokers, if applicable; (g) our legal and professional advisors; (h) the Group or our associated companies; (i) the policyholder, when none of the insured person(s) of that policy is the policyholder, for the purpose of policy application, administration, renewal and / or claims administration (if applicable); (j) industry association and federation that exists or is formed from time to time; and (k) governments and authorities as required or permitted by law. We may also use and disclose your personal data otherwise with your consent.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we may be required or permitted by law to disclose personal data, for example to law enforcement authorities or to prevent a serious threat to public safety. 
  1. Use and Provision of Personal Data for Direct Marketing
  • We may use some of the personal data we collect to send marketing material and special offers to our customers, but only in accordance with the rules about direct marketing contained in the PDPO.
  • If we intend to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes or provide your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes, we will inform you of that in the PICS at or before the time we collect your personal data.
  • We will provide you with an opportunity to opt-out of that direct marketing at that time. If you do not opt-out of direct marketing at that time, but you later decide that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing, you may ask us to cease any further direct marketing by contacting our Data Protection Officer at Sompo Insurance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., 19/F., Lincoln House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong or by email: 
  1. External Links
  • This website may contain links to third party websites. We have no control over the content of such third party websites or the way that the operators of these websites deal with your personal data. You should review the privacy policies applicable to these third party websites to understand the ways in which these third parties may deal with your personal information. 
  1. Collection of Anonymous Technical Information
  • When you access this Website, anonymous technical information may be collected about your activities on the website (e.g. your IP address, the date and time that you accessed the website, information relating to your browser and operating system, the pages visited etc.). 
  1. Use of Cookies
  • We may use "Cookies". Cookies enable the Website to remember you and your preferences when you visit the Website and enable us to tailor the Website for your needs. Cookies cannot identify you personally, unless you have logged in as a customer, an intermediary, or an employee of us. If you do not want to receive cookies you can disable this function by changing your browser settings. However, by doing so, certain features of this Website may not work properly. 
  1. Data Access and Correction
  • You may contact us to seek access to or seek to correct personal data which we hold about you. There are certain exemptions under the PDPO which may apply to personal data access and correction requests. We may require that you the person requesting access or correction provide suitable identification and we may charge a reasonable administration fee for complying with a data access request.
  • Requests for access to and / or correction of personal data held by us should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at the above correspondence address or email address. 
  1. Enquiry
  • Any enquiries regarding personal data privacy policy and practice may be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at the above correspondence address or email address. 
  1. Amendments to this PPS
  • We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to amend this PPS and all personal information shall be governed by the most recent version of this PPS. Any such amendment will be effective immediately upon posting.