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A featured product exclusively for all Japan visitors

Go Worldwide

A package product for visitors to all countries except Japan*

*Choose this product if your trip covers more than one country (including one of them is Japan)


features 3

Special privilege offer for shopping, telecommunication, car rental services and other seasonal promotions

features 4

Full reimbursement of reasonable hospital expenses incurred in Japan (no sub-limit applied and subject to the policy’s maximum limit only)

features 5

Rental Vehicle Protection extends to cover Non Operating Charge (NOC) levied by the car rental company

Applicable to all TravelJoy products

  • Nil excess applied for all benefits
  • Free automatic extension upto 10 days when the Insured is unavoidably delayed
  • Unlimited number of accompanying children for Family Plan


No matter Go JAPAN or Go Worldwide, our products provide the most comprehensive range of coverage to customers. You just need to choose between Gold or Silver Plan which best fits your needs and budget. For comparison of coverage, please click below for details.


Applicable to all TravelJoy products

  • The policyholder and all insured persons must be HKID cardholders and aged 85 or below
  • All trips must commence and terminate in HK
  • The policyholder must be aged 18 or above
  • Child must be aged 6 weeks or above and below 18
  • Child must be accompanied by an adult traveler
  • The maximum duration is 180 days for single trip


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