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Public Liability Claims Procedures

What to do if you get involved in a liability claim …

1. In the event of third party claiming against you, you should

  • Notify your intermediaries or us immediately of any potential claim;
  • Retain the defective part(s), which cause the loss of / damage to third party property or bodily injury of third party;
  • Keep the relevant CCTV footage pertaining to the occurrence of the incident;
  • Not to promise the third party to make good the affected / damaged property in their premises or make payment to the third party or admit liability after the occurrence of this incident without prior written consent from us;
  • Carry out necessary remedial measure(s) to avoid further damage to the third party property and prevent recurrence of similar incident after the occurrence of the loss / damage / injury.

2. Please submit the following documents to us:

  • Duly completed original Claim Report Form;
  • Incident report prepared by the relevant authorized parties (e.g., Building Management) as a proof of the occurrence of the incident;
  • Witness’s statements, if any;
  • Copy of the police report, if applicable;
  • The third party's name, Hong Kong Identity Card No., telephone number and address, if available;
  • Colour photographs pertaining to the scene of the incident, the injury of the third party and / or damage to the third party property;
  • CCTV footage pertaining to the occurrence of the incident;
  • All correspondences from the third party and / or the representative(s) of the third party shall be forwarded to us unanswered immediately;
  • Other relevant supporting documents regarding the incident, if any.

3. For enquiries, please contact your insurance intermediaries or our Claims Department directly at (852) 2831 9980 or
(Note: Maximum limit for file uploading is 10MB. Please send by separate e-mail(s) for file(s) exceeding this limit.)

Click HERE to download the Claim Report Form.

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